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Black Walnut Huller

This rugged Cast Iron antique does a great job
of removing the Hull from Black Walnuts.

The round Disk has steel Bristles
which tear the Hull off the revolving Walnut.

We ship a similar item(paint optional)
from several manufacturers.

This is a VERY scarce item !
You should email us to check availability.

This view shows a hulled Walnut
and the steel bristles which removed the Hull.
Hulls fall into the Wheelbarrow parked underneath.

The Tongs is a great tool for picking up Walnuts under the Tree,
and for tending the Walnut Huller.
Your order includes free Tongs.

Made in the USA in "the good old days"
Automatically adjusts to large and small Walnuts.
Modified by GardenGrapevine.com
Left and right-handed.
1-person operation.

Free loading Tongs.

Antique Walnut Huller
with free Tongs
$118.85 + $14.85 Shipping & Handling

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