DIY Greenhouse Tools

A Tweezers and HandiTool made from Vinyl Siding.

The Tweezers was made from a piece of heavy siding, which was folded in half and crimped with a pliers to maintain the fold. Then a Tin Shears was used to form both points at the same time. It is useful for retrieving and repositioning seeds in flats, removing weedlings and other odd jobs. It can be made in any size that you like, but make the fold at least an inch wide to keep the points aligned.

The tool on the bottom is great for lots of green house tasks. I use it to sow seeds as shown above. It is much better than tapping the seed packet which may do unplanned dumping of seeds. With this tool, the seeds are always in full view and they march down the corridor like toy soldiers. A dab of caulk on the rear will keep seeds from marching out the wrong end.

It is also good for Dibble duty to make holes for transplants or seeds. You could also use it for a back scratcher, or to hit the cat when it digs a hole where you just planted your prized seedlings : )

It was cut from the rib of unvented Vinyl Soffit. The cutouts on each side are thumb and finger recesses which make it more comfortable to hold. A good length is nine or ten inches. The hanging holes were made with a Strong paper punch.