This walking camouflaged bobber is a Pennsylvania native.

Here, this master of camouflage is exposed by the contrasting background.
But in the leaves of the forest floor it becomes nearly invisible,
and does not flush easily. Its long Beak is designed for probing

in the forest soil for Earthworm
s and Insects.

NOTE the similarity between the Lichen on the log in front of its Beak, and the gray blotches on its shoulder.

When disturbed, it slowly walks away with a front-and-back bobbing motion.
It flies clumsily and not very far. Its defense is motionless invisibility.
It is odd in many ways. Not the least of which is;
its Ears are in front of its Eyes.

Name American Woodcock  (scolopax minor)
Description A plump shorebird with a 2-1/2" long bill. It is about 11" long, 5" high and has a wingspan of about 20 inches. Male and Female are similar; often the Female is larger.
Food Primarily Earthworms and Insects in forest floor debris.
Nest A shallow depression among the dried leaves.
Eggs Usually 4 to 8. 

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