Bluebird Trails

This is one of eight Nest Boxes on a Blue Bird Trail,
in a Cumberland County, Pa. Public Park.

Monitoring a Blue Bird Trail involves locating Nest Boxes on your own property, or getting permission from Public Park Personnel, Farmers, local  Golf Courses(the perfect place), Landowners, etc.

You could ask a local Scout Troop to help erect and maintain the Boxes, which may qualify them for Scout Badges, and also instill in them an appreciation for Community Service, wildlife, and the outdoors.

Regular inspections are made to determine activities in and around the Nest Boxes, and records are kept on forms designed for just that purpose.

You will learn that different species fly differently, have a different sitting profile, and even walk differently. Some take steps, some hop. Some sit upright; others sit more horizontally.

Soon you will learn to associate Songs with certain Birds.
Most have their very own distinct sound(s). But beware of the Mocking Bird. He not only can mimic most Song Birds, but can even do a perfect Woodchuck whistle.

You will learn to recognize the eggs and nests of different species, and get a feeling of accomplishment, knowing that you have helped to increase the population of these insect-eating, pretty Song Birds.

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