Tufted Titmouse
A reliable backyard Feeder Visitor.

Titmice are not quite as easy as chickadees, to coax to a "hand out".

This Titmouse will follow you around the yard for a Sunflower Seed.

This Titmouse shares a perch with its Cousin; a Chickadee.

This is the standard Songbird pose when there's a hawk in the sky above.

This Titmouse has learned to come when a Kitchen Window opens.

Here a Titmouse deftly maneuvers a Sunflower Seed with its nimble feet.

Titmice may occupy houses meant for Blue Birds.

Nest made of Bark, Leaves, Moss, Wood Shavings, Hair, and Snake Skin.

A clutch of Eight is more or less normal for Titmice.

Very few Songbirds make as many sounds as this songster.

Name Tufted Titmouse (Baeolophus bicolor)
Description Male and Female look similar.  6-1/2 inches long.
They overwinter in their nesting range.
Food Seeds, Berries, Suet and Insects
Nest In cavities 4 feet or much higher above the ground.
Leaves, moss, dried grass, often lined with hair.
Eggs As many as 8 but 5 is common. White peppered with reddish speckles.

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