Snake Predators
A threat to most Bird Nests.

Snakes have been known to traverse
seemingly impossible obstacles in their search for food.

This tiny Garter Snake has managed to climb the steel post
and get inside the Nest Box to swallow whole,
a Nestling which is the size of your thumb,
even though it is only the diameter of your little finger.
The bump on the snake is the Nestling.

Another tiny snake has swallowed a Nestling
the same size as the one in the corner here.

This three-foot long Black Snake has invaded a Wren nest
which was thought to be vacant,
but the snake may remember a previous meal there.

This is a photo of the Nest Box
 that the tiny Snake was able to enter
and prey on the Nestlings.
A Very tight-fitting
Predator Guard
should prevent their entrance

This extended 3" section of the tiny snake
contains 2 Wren Nestlings which were swallowed head first.

The Nestlings were removed from the snakes' digestive system.

The one on the left was swallowed first,
and the other quite some time later,

judging by the degree of deterioration.

This Snake is swallowing a road-killed Blackbird.
This feat is accomplished by unhinging its lower jaw,
which greatly increases the capacity of its mouth.

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