Sunflower Seeds
Pay 75% Less.

 How to cut your Sunflower Seed cost by 75%.

If you watch closely, you will see two groups of Birds at your Feeders.
Group 1 eats at the feeder or flies to a nearby branch to peck at a Seed.
Group 2 grabs a Seed(or two) and flies off to some obscure spot to stash
the Seed in a crevice or nook. Then it returns for more Seeds.

If you have a lot of Birds, Group 2 can empty a Feeder in short order. This Group includes Chickadees, Tufted Titmice, and small Wood Peckers. Chipmunks belong to this group, too. If you see one at your Feeder, watch his Cheeks swell up as he stuffs them with Seeds. Then he hurries off to his pantry to stash his booty.

Group 2 will only hoard perfect Seeds. Imperfect Seeds have a much shorter shelf life, and wild Creatures know that. This fact allows you to stop the hoarding by making Sunflower Seeds and Corn Kernels imperfect.

A hand-cranked Meat Grinder can be found at Flea Markets or Antique Shops. 
This same Grinder will make "Instant Compost". We sell these Antiques.

If you have the option, select a Medium Cutting Head. Smaller Heads may grind Flour, while larger Heads may allow too many Seeds to pass through unscathed, but a second grinding may make them just right.

Your Feeders wont seem as busy, since Group 2 will eat their fill, then pursue a pastime other than robbing your Feeder. It will need refilling only 25% as often, and cost 75% less for the year. The savings will more than pay for the Grinder.

A bonus is that some Songbirds were not created to eat whole Sunflower Seeds;
they will be delighted with your shelled, bite-size morsels.

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