Northern Flicker

Bad news for Insects and Larvae in the sod.

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Here two Flickers share their turf with a Robin, whose food is mostly Earthworms (above left).
But pity the Japaneese Beetle or other juicy Grub Worm that gets in their way (bottom right).

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Colaptes auratus Gets his dinner - Females lack the black "Moustache".

Name Northern Flicker (Colaptes auratus)
Description This 12" migratory species may occasionally visit Suet Feeders, but it prefers to probe in the sod for Ants and other delicacies.
Food Insects and Larvae, but Ants are its mainstay. With a long tongue that snakes down the tunnels of Ant hills, this mostly ground-feeder is especially adapted to control Ants.
Nest The nest is usually found 12 feet or more off the ground in a rotten tree snag. The cavity is left with wood chips for bedding. It may be claimed by Starlings before completion, sometimes evicting the much larger Flicker in the process.
Eggs It has been reported that as many as 12 glossy white eggs have been found in nests, but 6 are more common.

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