Chipping Sparrow

A pretty little ground feeder.

Painting by Larry McQueen

Name Chipping Sparrow (Spizella passerina)
Description A very common, rather unafraid back yard Song Bird which gets its name from the "Chip, Chip" of its song. It also has an occasional melodic series of "Chips". It migrates with the seasons, but has been known to winter over , especially if Feeders are kept well stocked. 5" - 5-1/2"  Male and Female have similar coloration.
Food A seed eater which is known to feed on Insects during the nesting season.
Nest A half-cup sized weaving of dry grasses, often lined with animal hair. Usually located in dense shrubbery or Tree limbs within eight feet of the ground. This includes Handing Planters. Be careful when watering any Planters, as there may be baby Birds in residence.
Eggs 3 to 5 blue Eggs with dark, irregular speckling. Hatch in about 14 days.

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