Calcium for Songbirds
Essential for strong Bones and Eggs

Calcium is the main ingredient in Bones and Egg Shells. Either one can be dried and ground into a product beneficial to Songbirds.

First, the  Egg Shells should be roasted in an oven set at 350 F. until the reside is browned(see the photo above). Then a Food Processor  does a quick job of reducing Egg shells to a  product relished by Songbirds.

The same Food Grinder which minimized Sunflower Seed waste can be used to process Egg Shells. You can also use the bottom of a Drinking Glass to smash them in a plastic bowl.

Feeders which are used for Seeds can also be used for Egg Shells.
You should have a Feeder Tray on the ground, and also an elevated Feeder Tray for the preference of different species.

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