Pennsylvania Snakes

These photos were taken in central Pennsylvania.
They represent a few of the dozen or so, non-poisonous native species.
Some residents mistakenly call all small snakes "Garter Snakes".

Pennsylvania Gardens have little snakes like this Ringneck Snake,
which grows to about 14 inches.

Pennsylvania also has Big Snakes, like this Black Snake,
Which grow to about 6 feet.

Pennsylvania Gardens probably have more Garter Snakes
like this mating pair.

A close look at the scales on this Garter Snake.

Don't try holding this fellow. with its thick body and "V"- shaped head,
which indicate that  it is one of our two Venomous Snakes.
The other is the Rattle Snake, which looks similar,
but it is a darker color.

Snakes unhinge their lower jaw to swallow large prey,
like this roadkilled Blackbird.

They are beneficial in the garden, eating Moles, Voles, Mice and Insects.
But Nestlings are high on their menu, which may not be appreciated by Bird Watchers.

These 3 Nestlings wonder where their Brother went.
The bump on the Snake is a clue.

This Daddy Bluebird gets even,
by feeding a baby Snake to its Nestlings.

Wear Leather Gloves when handling Snakes.
They will bite in defense and a skin puncture may invite infection.

They will also try to coil around your hand or arm
and smear a defensive smelly secretion on you.

It is best to assume that every snake is poisonous,
unless you are absolutely sure that it is not.

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