Outdoor Wood Burner
From Scratch?

I appreciate any comments and input from you guys who 
are much more knowledgeable than this incurable tinkerer is.

I will add your responses Here.
I will also show you my Progress.




I have a wood burner that has a BIG firebox. It has two steel water coils inside, but is not a  jacketed boiler. I want to clamp 3 Cast Iron Radiators to the top and both sides, to collect heat and pipe it to my 3 buildings.

I plan to run the cold line to both side heat-collection Radiators, and then the top one which should be hotter, and then the inside coils which should be hottest. I plan to cover the furnace with Fiberglas batts, and cover the whole thing with tin roofing.

Each building will have a thermostat which will operate the circulator for that building. The water will be pumped from the building to the return line. Each radiator and high point will have a manual air vent. A bladder expansion tank will pressurize the system. An in-line thermostat will run a combustion blower. There will be a pressure safety relief valve.

Wooden suspension Rings

I am using 3/4" copper water lines inside a 4" plastic pipe. The copper lines will be suspended every 5' by wooden rings that have holes drilled for the copper lines. The building will be heated by forced-air radiators taken from a bus. The system will be filled with 50% automotive anti-freeze, and buried below the frost line.

I decided on this system after comparing the price and serviceability of the commercial insulated products available. The final deciding factor was their low maximum allowable fluid temperature. At times this temperature could exceed 185 F.

Should there be a leak in my system, the anti-freeze will be contained in the sealed 4" plastic pipe. I would be alerted by a drop in system pressure, since there is no automatic fill valve in my design. It would be a simple matter to remove leakage from the low end of my system.

How do I wire this 10MFD capacitor?

Grundfos UPS 15-42F 3-speed Circulator (8620).
Yellow Capacitor leads go where?
The terminal block at the top has 8 contacts
numbered 1 to 8 from the Left.

With 3 speeds, I assume there are 3 winding leads plus common= 4.
Notice that between the yellow leads, there are 3 terminals for the line.
The hole at the top right is for the equipment ground screw.

Hopefully someone will email a .jpg wiring diagram.