Tree-Fruit Catcher

Catch falling Fruit before it gets bruised or Bug-bitten.

The very best Peach is Tree-ripened. But Fruit is usually picked long before that stage, to be handled by machinery and trucked to a far-away Grocery Store,
where it is put on display for consumers who may have never experienced
this tree-ripened, sweet juicy Food of The Gods. 

This Tarp Hammock is fastened under a Peach Tree to catch the Fruit before it is bruised by hitting the ground, and before Bugs, Worms, Mice and other Critters get a chance to ruin it.

Many Gardens have Dwarf Fruit Trees, whose small size lend themselves to a Tarp Fruit Catcher. It is suspended by the Tree Trunk and small steel Posts pounded into the ground. These half-inch diameter Posts have a steel triangle on the bottom to stabilize them in the ground. Turn the Posts upside-down so the Triangle supports the Tarp. If you have access to white Plastic as above, it may help ripen shaded Fruit by reflecting Sunlight up to it.

Fasten the Tarp so it does not touch the ground. Then falling Fruit will get a gentle ride to the lowest spot. Try to position the lowest spot so it is below a limb which is barren, then no Fruit will fall onto that which is already in the Tarp.

Tarps usually have Grommets at the edges which are just right to slip over the steel Posts. A Bungee Cord is good for fastening the Tarp to the Tree. If it's not long enough, a length of thin Rope tied to it will accommodate larger Tree Trunks.

Larger Trees may require several Tarps. A small hole made with a Nail or Pencil at the low points of the Tarp will allow Rain water to escape. This catcher is useful for any Fruit which grows on Trees, and also Tomato Plants which are trained to a Fence or Trellis.

Don't automatically reject Fruit which has been sampled by Birds or Bees;
they have a way of detecting the very sweetest Fruit on the Tree.

A Knife will remove their tooth marks.

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