Tree Drip Line

This Drip Line coincides with the area where the plant is growing tiny terminal Feeder Rootlets which absorb moisture and nutrients from the soil. When the tree canopy gets wet, any excess is shed to the ground to the thirsty Rootlets. They absorb this moisture for the health of the plant.

When you apply fertilizing nutrients to a plant, it is essential that you put them within reach of the Feeder Rootlets, or your offering will be leeched away and mostly lost. The Drip Line is a plants dinner table; put the nutrients on the table.

Know your plants and trees; some have shallow roots near the surface, others have deeper roots that require more water to be able to soak down to the depth of their Feeder roots.

If your irrigation is inadequate, you will encourage the roots of young plants to grow up near the surface, which will make them more dependent on frequent watering to satisfy them and give them poorer holding power in the soil, which may result in uprooted trees and shrubs in a storm.

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