Bird Salt Feeder
Most Creatures need Salt for good health. Birds are no exception. If you have Finches near your home, this Salt Feeder is sure to attract them to your back yard. 
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Song Birds need Salt: Bird Salt Feeder
This attractive and  unique Bird Salt Feeder attracts Birds to your back yard. It also attracts Chipmunks and Flying Squirrels which will perform acrobatics to get to the Salt. 

It's interesting to watch Finches teaching their young to have a bit-o-salt. Seed-eating species seem to savor this offering more than the Insect-eaters, which may get adequate Salt from their Insect diet.

These are the finest Wooden Garden Products 
that we know how to make.

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 Hand-crafted in Pennsylvania's Amish country
 Select Native Woods ( no knots, splits, or warps )
 Tunnels drilled for gentle Pollinating Solitary Bees.
 Smooth machine-sanded
 Kiln dried lumber
 Edges are hand sanded
 Attractive Drip Edge Detail
 Roof is treated with Water Repellent
 Wooden parts are joined with Galvanized Screws,
or 100% Waterproof GORILLA GLUE
 Heavy Duty Steel Hanging Hook (plastic-coated)
 Salt Receptacle is attractive Glass
 Uses regular Table Salt from your Kitchen
 Designed to tilt forward slightly for drainage
 Complete Instructions, 
 with Hints and Tips on usage.

    Made in the USA
"Where you get what you pay for - and a little bit more"
"Cost is not determined on the day of Purchase,
but on the day of Replacement !"

Our Lifetime Guarantee
Remember your Friends who would love to have one.

One (1) Bird Salt Feeder
Price: 1 for $19.55 . . . plus $9.00 S&H

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