Ant Killer Recipe

This Ant Annihilator is made from granulated Sugar, Water, and Boric Acid. Be aware that Boric Acid is Poisonous; so handle it carefully, and keep the mixture out of the reach of Pets and Children. See our Disclaimer.

It is absolutely the Best, Quickest, Cheapest Ant Exterminator you will find. But be reminded that Ants serve an important function, and their total extermination could upset Nature's Balance in your Garden.

Standing room only, as these Carpenter Ants line up to satisfy their sweet tooth while ingesting the tasteless but Poisonous, Boric Acid. They will take the tainted sweets back to the Queen and her brood.

Depending on the colony size, it may be necessary to refill the caps. Be patient; it may take two or three days to exterminate the whole Colony. Meanwhile, you may notice an increase in Ant activity.

This should be effective on most Ants since they tend to crave sweets.
Mix it as follows:

COMPLETELY dissolve the Boric Acid in the HOT water. Mix the sugar into it until it is dissolved. Half fill small caps like those found on milk jugs and soda bottles.

Place the caps where Ants are a nuisance. To protect pets from this POISON,  place the caps inside plastic containers that have holes punched in to allow the Ants to enter. Mark the container with "Skull and Crossbones" Poison symbol. When the Ants are gone, dispose of the containers properly.

This is a Very strong recipe. Increasing the sugar to a whole cup should still be very lethal to Ants. Of course, it would require adding a cup of hot water to dissolve it. $6.00 will buy 12 ounces of Boric Acid; enough to last you and your neighbors for years, if the container is kept air-tight and cool.

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